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It is expected that the required age to stand in the presidential election will be reduced from the current 40 to A paper on Cryptocurrencies and the Future of Money. Thus, it must be emphatically stressed that Nigeria is not yet in the fortunate historical situation of being blessed with strong, dedication and honest leadership both at political and bureaucratic levels, which is sufficiently committed to economic and social advancement and whose style of living and ruling is able to attract the imagination of the population for the purpose of inculcating new and re-generative system of value.

This will affect political party organising so that there will be ideologically rooted parties that will practise issue based politics.


Another source of excess liquidity he said, is the relative inefficient and underdeveloped payment system that encourages the public to hold excess or idle cash beyond their immediate needs. A substitute relationship can create just as strong an interlinkage as a complementary one.

Likewise disciplinary action should be administered on both worker and managers in the form of queries, cuts in salary, loss of promotion, suspension and other punishment are also motivators. While advocating for the movement to a Real Time Grid System RTGShe said it will enable the CBN to monitor more effectively the liquidity position of each bank in real time and even be able to deserve and detect liquidity concentration in the grid.

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We have argued elsewhere that for change to occur in any society requires the presence of objective and subjective conditions. Technological spillovers can be horizontal or vertical.

Appointment of Minister from the FCT.

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To sum up, empirical research suggests that to the extent there is a systematic relationship between FDI and home country exports, it is positive but not very pronounced. Two related studies of the consumer electronics industry in southeast Asia showed that while vertical linkages between multinational firms and local suppliers in this very export-oriented industry were not significant at the time of the first study, they had grown substantially five years later.

Participation by the people is crucial because if the people do not participate, both the process and the final document will be useless and irrelevant to democratic renewal that is so badly needed in the country.

To see why, consider a firm which is initially prevented from undertaking FDI, and instead serves the foreign market through exports. Local Government of Origin: Nationality groups, women, students, the armed forces, the illiterate, the disabled, the poor, the rural dwellers, the youth, professions, trade unions, religious groups, traditional rulers, community organisations, prisoners, human rights organisations, pro-democracy groups, political parties, cultural organisations etc.

Motivation has faced a lot of the thought and research as how it operates in organization. To this end I am familiar with some packages for statistical and econometric analysis, which includes: Ultimately, democracy and development in Nigeria will depend on a long term strategy of changing the nature and character of the state and the conduct of politics, political party organising and eventual capture of political power by democratic, radical and progressive forces in Nigeria.

June - November Conclusions Despite the difficulties associated with the measurement of the efficiency-enhancing effects induced by FDI, let alone with the assessment of the specific channels by which a transfer of technology affects local productivity, the empirical literature offers some important conclusions.

Fiscal Federalism in Nigeria: The technology may center on products the firm might produce a product variety that is, by virtue of technology embodied in it, preferred by consumers over variants of the same product produced by rival firms or on processes the firm might be able to produce standardized products at a lower cost than its rivals.

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This gain in competitive position may be due to access to cheaper labour or material inputs, but it may also stem from lower transactions costs, closer proximity to local customers, and so forth.

These examples indicate that trade policy can have a significant impact on FDI flows. Iniodu and presented by P.

That status of the testators, especially the weaker party, changed. The third approach is the setting up of constitution Drafting Committees to draft a constitution for the country, which is essentially a creation of the military. The fact that a firm owns assets that can be exploited on a large scale and that make it competitive internationally, still does not explain the international character of the MNC.

A conspicuous example of such policies is export processing zones EPZ. With regard to the former, it should be emphasized that the meaning of job creation and destruction is not so simple.

The challenge is to ensure the creation of institutions and mechanisms that will anticipate, forecast and try to prevent these conflicts and mobilize the people to ensure good governance, accountability and transparency while ensuring that there are institutions of horizontal accountability that are independent.

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While the focus is on FDI's impact on the efficiency of locally owned firms, it should be noted that the host country will also benefit from the fact that the subsidiary of an MNC is itself likely to use host country resources more efficiently because of its superior technology.

Lack of knowledge is not the only reason a government might offer an amount of incentives that exceeds the benefits of the FDI. Why not produce in one location and serve foreign markets through exports?measure the application of the investigated constructs for an understanding of the impact of business communication on organizational performance in Nigerian companies (a less developed economy).

This approach recognizes the difficulty and complexity associated with changing environment and increasing. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the focus of previous studies on the relation between finance and small and medium-sized enterprise development and to identify some of the gaps in our knowledge.

While a considerable amount is known about the characteristics and behaviour of small and medium-sized enterprises, this knowledge. 1 NIGERIAN INVESTMENT PROMOTION COMMISSION GUIDELINES / PROCEDURES FOR DOING BUSINESS IN NIGERIA Based on the existing legal framework, any investor that wishes to do business in Nigeria.


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PERSONAL INFORMATION 1. Conduct of Need Assessment and development of project proposal. 3. Orebiyi, P. A. (), “An Analysis of Investment Behaviour in the Nigerian Economy.” Nigerian Economic and Financial Review Vol. 5 No. 2 pp. - 4. small and medium enterprises (smes) in nigeria: problems and prospects by basil anthony ngwu onugu (fimc, fica) st.

clements university nigerian economy 32 d. problems of smes in nigeria 34 e. prospects of smes in nigeria 37 f. a comparative analysis between india’s. Although it is a bold prediction, investment in employees is on the rise. The Industry Report by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) indicated that U.S.


Investment behaviour of nigerian proposal
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