How to write a catchy jingle tunes

Smokey Joe's Cafe [A] Well, we are entering Leiber-Stoller territory here, and Leiber-Stoller means quality; probably taking their inspiration from other 'quirky' tale-tellers of the recent past like Rudy Toombs, they took on the baton of entertaining us "the insinuating way" and did it with gusto.

It's also way bouncier than the bebop it grew out of, danceable and groovable all the way. Isn't this the kind of music that provided Frank Zappa and his Mothers with so much source material? You can find her quirky ramblings on Twitteror her personal site Esvienne.

A wild jazz sax break and a couple barely noticeable time changes help liven the thing up, but overall, there's nothing here that makes it much better than Some Like It Hot-style entertainment.

Mess Around [A-] Previously only experienced by me in the every-bit-as-good, but, of course, somewhat different Animals version. I think we're getting together right before Easter.

The 'Spo-Dee-O-Dee' is, of course, a euphemism for everybody's favourite four-syllable expletive, but that's not the best thing about the song. Catchy lines that have a peppy tune are easily remembered. King - is just so much better a frontman than Clyde McPhatter, you know.

Practice and edit the jingle until you and your creative team have a good jingle to present. Doubtless he would have gotten out of it, eventually, if not for the tragically short lifespan. The Ballad of "Casey Jones" in Level 2C "Casey Jones" is the true story of a brave engineer who, while racing his train to stay on schedule, saw another train stalled directly in front of him.

Write the lyrics for the jingle.

Bounce Your Boobies (A Patriotic Song)

Identify your target audience, and choose a genre that appeals to them. You are not invited. It is also important to find out the desired length of the jingle; typically, these can last up to 30 seconds. I mean, it's not like you could surprise anybody by ripping off and recycling melodies back then and things haven't changed much today eitherbut here you could practically segue one thing into another and nobody'd even wink.

Look for the link labeled "5-Finger Patterns and Chords" in the bottom left corner. It isn't particularly well arranged, or exceedingly well sung, or tremendously resonant Nobody but Buckingham could really express a person's dark, angry or sad emotions with so much finesse, subtlety and genius.

No Turkish flavour whatsoever, though. Yet another definite highlight and a major link in the "establishment of the rock'n'roll sound" chain. Alas, Harry Van Walls is no longer providing piano backing as well, making the arrangement pretty undistinguished.

Leiber-Stoller contributed this one, which means it's certainly catchy, and there's, uh, a guitar solo which, I suppose, is rather unusual, and I really like the sax coda to the song - nice touch.

If you were hired to write a catchphrase, this is the end of the process before you present your idea to the client.A song for the Jewish sabbath! Shabbat is the Hebrew word for Sabbath, and Shalom means peace. Shabbat Shalom is a common greeting on Friday evening.

The Crucial Squeegie Lip - Bird O' Pray It's a good thing I wasn't hangin' loose in New Hope, Pennsylvania back in because there is a sad chance that this world would never have experienced such incredible musical journeys as The Mollusk, Quebec, GodWeenSatan=The Oneness, The Pod, White Pepper, 12 Golden Country Greats, Chocolate & Cheese or Pure Guava.

Near the end of Reagan's first term, the Western Massachusetts Hardcore scene coughed up an insanely shaped chunk called Dinosaur. Comprised of WMHC vets, the trio was a miasmic tornado of guitar noise, bad attitude and near-subliminal pop-based-shape-shifting.

How to Make Jingles and Phrases

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How to Create Family Jingles With Your Kids

Write the chords for your jingle over the lyrics. Use a guitar or keyboard and strum variations on rhythm and chord progressions until you find the right tempo and tone for your jingle.

Sing along as you try these variations.

How to write a catchy jingle tunes
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