Extent were poverty and prosperity causes 1789 french revo

The American War of Independence only became a catalyst to an already charged masses who had endured a long life of poverty and oppression. A major cause was the economic crisis and financial debt accumulated by the French Government which brought national unrest leading to The Price of Blood words - 4 pages the Price of Blood.

In France, the debt was financed at almost twice the interest rate as the debt across the Channel. As an institution, it was both rich and powerful. After the war there was also a centralized government made up of rich, white males called the Continental Congress.

Further royal and seigneurial obligations might be paid in several ways: Despite all of these hardships, all of the positive causes of the French Revolution were amazing to Europe and improved lives of people across Europe by giving them rights, lowering taxes, and bringing peace to Europe through reforms in governments and new treaties.

This was partially because potatoes were seen as more difficult to transport and store than grain. The French Revolution was a period of much sorrow and slaughter which came as a protest to the Tyranny that faced France.

Was The French Revolution Worth The Blood Shed

All paid a tax on the number of people in the family capitationdepending on the status of the taxpayer from poor to prince. To what extent were the financial difficulties of the government the cause of the French Revolution To a large extent, the financial difficulties of the government were the cause of the French Revolution.

The desire to do so led directly to the decision in to call the Estates-General into session. In earlier days such catastrophes had not been announced and publicly discussed. French soldiers who participated in the war like Lafayette were exposed to revolutonary ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity.

At the end the French government could not pay back its loans or pay its workers as it was bankrupt. In a letter written infor example, he refers to the unrest of the time as follows: Soldiers during the American War of Independence Politically, the French philosophers were responsible for enlightening the Frenchmen into the revolution.

Food scarcity was common in the 18th century, but the grain police would forbid exportations from regions facing bad harvests and would import grain from regions enjoying overproduction.

Such demonstrations unattended degenerated into a national revolution in When the nobles were told the extent of the debt, they were shocked; however, the shock did not motivate them to rally behind the plan — but to reject it.

Changes to grain and bread supply had serious implications, and was met with disorder. According to Dennis Richards, the French government parted with a whooping 2million livres in food and equipment for the French soldiers. Some American diplomats, like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jeffersonhad lived in Paris, where they consorted freely with members of the French intellectual class.

Causes of the French Revolution

To sum up, the exact cause of the revolution was the internal socio-economic and political problems. Reports from those that controlled the flow of grain stated there were problems with the grain harvest which caused shortages and less grain availability.

Besides being oppressive, the French government system was inefficient. This is the reason why the likes of Lafayette who had been impacted by such ideas became leaders of the revolution in In the summer ofat about the same time that the citizens of Paris were assuring the victory of the Third Estate and the successful establishment of the National Assembly by resorting to violence on July 14, the peasants of France were initiating a rebellion of their own directed against their.

Feb 06,  · To what extent did the American War of Independence contribute to the outbreak of the French revolution of ?

COMPARE AND CONTRAST THE LIVES OF THE LATE STONE AGE AND IRON AGE COMMUNITIES IN ZIMBABWE. Poverty and prosperity were the concrete conditions that made possible the revolution. French society had a traditional division in estates: the first estate was represented by the clergy, the upper class of church with bishops and other representatives of the hierarchy/5(5).

To What Extent Were Poverty And Prosperity Causes Of The French Revolution? words - 4 pages causes was the French social structure, the Ancient Regime. Historian John Shovlin states, "It is a truism that the French Revolution was touched off by the near bankruptcy of the state." It was the burden of the national debt that led this to the long-running financial crisis of the French government.

Before the revolution, the French debt had risen from 8 billion to 12 billion [citation needed] livres. To What Extent were poverty and prosperity causes of the French Revolution?

Essay not consequence of a single cause, there are always several complex structures involved and the historian must be careful to study all of them in their mutual interconnection.

Extent were poverty and prosperity causes 1789 french revo
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