An introduction to the poetry of kazuko shiraishi

He [turned] his back on Eliot and Pound. It is all there, all the things we cherish, all our aspirations, and over it all a kind of Buddhist calm. What he learned from the experiment of coexisting in nature was especially important to him.

As Gibson related, an "important quality of Noh found in Rexroth's plays is yugen, a term derived from Zen Buddhism and defined by Arthur Waley as 'what lies beneath the surface'; the subtle, as opposed to the obvious; the hint, as opposed to the statement.

The following story is from the heyday of the Beats. Rexroth used to read the whole, authoritative Encyclopedia Britannica once a year to refresh his memory, a feat difficult to imagine in the age of Google search and Wikipedia. These poems of love and protest, of meditation and remembrance, stand out as some of his most deeply felt poems.

Offspring of poetry’s artistic polygamy

They have made a lot of great literature available to the American public in affordable and high quality editions. I really do lead a strange life—or rather—I certainly know a strange assortment of people….

Through these poems we can also experience revolution and free love, albeit vicariously. Actually, on rereading, Rexroth's ear proves reasonably reliable. The title alone is worth the price of admission. What did being in such financial straits mean to him?

Nobody until now has clearly explained the reason for this lapse. This survey has continued to be a must-read for literary scholars. Some of these books have been collecting dust or even been imprisoned in boxes. The Love Poems of Marichiko translated by Kenneth Rexroth is a collection of short poems by a young, uninhibited Japanese who sings in the first person the joys of sexual love.

Rexroth's purpose is to make a particular kind of poem which will be classical in its restraint, but without severity; personal, revealing, and confessional, without being sentimental; and it must, according to his bent, eschew symbolism and any kind of ambiguous imagery for a narrative or statement strength based on noun and verb, but not weakened by adjectives.

He was born in South Bend, Indiana and spent his adolescence honing his sensibilities in Chicago, which was even at that time a preeminent center of progressive culture.

101 modern Japanese poems

Quoting Jack Kerouac's definition found in Random House Dictionary, Charters defined the term Beat Generation as "'members of the generation that came of age after World War II who, supposedly as a result of disillusionment stemming from the Cold War, [espoused] mystical detachment and relaxation of social and sexual tension.

This is one that poetry lovers should make the effort to seek out. Rexroth was noble-minded, and over his lifetime he patiently endured both the oppression of blatant authoritarianism and the rigors of poverty.

By doing so, he led away from sheepish choices towards more reasonable directions.

Pacific Rim Poetics

His action-packed Chicago life is vividly recounted in detail in his An Autobiographical Novel He described Rexroth as follows: This is an issue that commonly arises with poetry in translation.

And 'everything' is not just the standard European classics in translation: The dynamics of his poems are marked piano—even storms are luminous rather than noisy.

As such, he often was dismissed or opposed as being part of a nonconformist craze.

Kenneth Rexroth Archive

They are always connected. This lengthy poem rolls through the four seasons as she chronicles the poetic life of the sex maniac. I think only the paperback edition is still available. There is a long poem called A Chinese Ulysses. Characterized as "anarchopacifist in politics, mystical-personalist in religions, and experimental in esthetic theory and practice" by Gibson, the community revolved around the Pacifica Foundation, with its public arts radio station, and the Poetry Center at San Francisco State College, both of which Rexroth helped establish.

I belonged to the Saving group of exceptionalists Who, after dark, and on rainy days, Stole out and shat in the golf holes.ANTHOLOGY CONTEMP JAPAN POETRY (World Literature in Translation) and a short introduction examines current developments in Japanese poetry. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc.

Portland, Or. Editorial Reviews Review. Chekhov's Hunting Gun by Ezna Station by Shiraishi Kazuko Hundreds Of Lines Of Poetry Soar Over The Shore Of Swans by.

Seasons of Sacred Lust

One such title that I have not even thought of for years is Seasons of Sacred Lust by Kazuko Shiraishi. This is a hardback copy of poetry published by New Directions.

I think only the paperback edition is still available. This is a publishing company literary people need to acquaint themselves with. Kazuko Shiraishi is a Japanese poet and translator who was born in Vancouver, Canada.

She is a modernist, outsider poet who got her start in Katsue Kitazono's "VOU" poetry group, which led Shiraishi to publish her first book of poems in /5. KAZUKO SHIRAISHI ~ Summer Time — The Full Moon Japanese Poetry, Kazuko Shiraishi, New Directions.

No comments: Post a Comment. Older Post Home. Longhouse. Robin Magowan. The Garden of Amazement, Scattered Gems After Sâeb. large softcover glossy bound with an introduction by the translator, pages.

Seasons of Sacred Lust

Landscape of Poetry: Ryuichi Tamura. Abstract. The following essay by Kazuko Shiraishi originally appeared in Shi no Huukei · Shijin no Shouzou (Landscape of Poetry: Portraits of the Poets.

ANTHOLOGY CONTEMP JAPAN POETRY (World Literature in Translation) [Morton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This anthology presents a balanced picture of the state of poetry in Japan today, presenting an unusually large number of poems by each poet rather than the customary three or four.

Its emphasis is on contemporary works it includes 16 poets who have made their.

An introduction to the poetry of kazuko shiraishi
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